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Coastal Specialty Mama Wellness Program

After Yoga Class

We created the Peripartum Program in response to common concerns from clients: 

  • I wish someone told me this sooner

  • Why am I peeing my pants, and how can I stop?

  • I just can't get my stomach muscles back the way I want

  • How do I prevent my prolapse from getting worse?

  • My back hurts from constantly bending to the ground

Pregnancy & Postpartum Services

Pregnant Woman with Mother


Pregnant Yoga
Keep your body safe. Learn ways to protect your bladder, joints, & back while pregnant!
Hand on Bump
Young Woman in the Gym



Learn to safely strengthen your core
Newborn Baby



Mothers and their Baby
Learn faster recovery strategies so you can take care of your tiny love with ease.
Mother with her Child
Mother with her Baby
Ergonomics of Childcare
Learn how to change a diaper, fold a stroller & other Mama activities without hurting yourself!
Drinking Water



Jump without leaking urine

Learn to stop the leak and live your life more freely!

Running Athletic Women_edited.jpg
Jogging with Stroller

Return to running

Are you craving a good run, but unsure if it is safe?  Learn how

Birthing Bundle
Learn how to prevent common pelvic floor and core concerns! 

Mama Deserves It Birthing Bundle: $1000

- Take care of your body from pregnancy, delivery, to postpartum. With this package, you will optimize your pelvic floor and abdominal health. You will be able to move easier with less pain. 

- Includes:

   -  Pregnancy individualized evaluation and treatment 

   -  Pregnancy Group Class

   -  Postpartum individualized evaluation and treatment

   -  8 treatment sessions 

   - 20% discount on additional treatment sessions related to pregnancy/postpartum care


Glowing with baby bump, body protection and Birth Prep Includes: $350

  • Full body individualized evaluation (55 min): Pelvic floor muscle readiness assessment, ability to push assessment, abdominal assessment, strength assessment, pain assessment (if needed).

    • Individualized treatments for any concerns found during the assessment.

  • Pregnancy group class: learn how to prevent common pelvic floor and core problems (diastasis recti, prolapse, leaking, pain)

  • One follow-up session (55 min) to ensure good ability to push for delivery, protect pelvic floor, address pain as needed and progress strength goals

Get my body back $775

  • Postpartum group class Level 1

  • 6-8 wks postpartum with OBGYN clearance, full Mama Wellness exam (55 min)

  • Postpartum group class Level 2

  • Four 1:1 treatment sessions (55 min each) to reach goals for your abdomen, pelvic floor, and return to exercise.

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