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Pressing Play During the 'Pause

Thrive during menopause!

Maximize bone, tendon, joint, & pelvic health so you can stay in the game!

12 Weeks. 12 Sessions. 3 Goals Met.

Results from prior clients: 

  • No more leaking urine!

  • Less pain

  • Less vaginal heaviness with exercise 

  • Improved bone density in the hip

  • Improved bone density in the low back

  • Decreased visceral fat

  • Continued rounds of golf, pickleball, tennis, gym, group exercise classes, hiking, running...

How it works:

  • You pick 3 goals

  • I help you meet them

  • 12 Sessions in 12 Weeks

Don't let the menopause transition or post-menopause experience hold you back from your active lifestyle!

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Week 1-4

Foundation Building

Individualized evaluation

  • Goals

  • Favorite exercises/activities

  • Orthopedic Exam

  • Pelvic Exam if indicated

  • Movement analysis in your sport

  • Exercise prescription

  • Manual therapy, massage, & cupping as needed

Learn to isolate. Learn to coordinate. 

Meet your injury at its level! 

Learn modifications so you can stay active while building a solid foundation for more challenging exercises, activities, and sports.

2 sessions/wk for 2 wks1/session/wk for 2 wks

Week 5-8

Strength Building

Safely progress strength.

  • Learn correct technique

  • Creative modifications so you can still target the areas you need to strengthen without hurting a joint if you have prior injuries

We keep you motivated and accountable


1 Session per week


Week 9-12

Sport Specific Implementation

Sport specific strength, timing, and power

  • You have the foundation and the strength. Now we get to have fun with coordinating your new skills into your sport.

  • Sport-specific drills 

***We encourage continued participation in your sport throughout the entire 12 weeks for most chronic conditions. After the initial physical therapy evaluation, we will discuss sport participation recommendations with you.


1 session every other week

Pressing Play During the 'Pause

This 12 Session, 12 Week Program is designed to help active women stay active throughout peri and post menopause. The program has a special focus on improving bone mineral density, decreasing visceral fat, decreasing injuries to muscles/tendons/joints, decreasing common pelvic floor symptoms including leaking urine and vaginal heaviness due to pelvic organ prolapse. All of this to optimize your sport participation!


How it works: 

You pick 3 goals, we help you meet them in 12 weeks!

Common goals:

- increase bone mineral density at hip*

- increase bone mineral density at low back*

- decrease visceral fat*

- decrease pain at one joint

- stop leaking urine

- stop symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse


$1,795 ($55 Savings)

  • Includes one, 90-min Complete Evaluation with goal setting

  • Includes eleven, 55-min follow-up sessions. 

  • All sessions are led by an expert physical therapist with specialty training in Women's Health throughout the menopause era.

*We encourage DEXA scans before and after your program so you can see results! Bone mineral density (BMD) changes take 6 months to appear on the DEXA scan. If BMD changes are your goal, we recommend continuing the exercises that you mastered from our program for 6 months, then complete the follow-up DEXA examination. DEXA scans not included in this package. Call us for preferred DEXA scan locations!

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